A to Z carpet and upholstery Steam Cleaning
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1100 square foot house                         $195

1300 square foot house                         $225

1500 square foot house                         $245

1700 square foot house                         $275

2000 square foot house                        $295

Living Room & Hall up to 250 sq. ft.               $85

Based on total Square Footage of Home        Carpeted Kitchens, Bathrooms and Stairs EXTRA

At A to Z Carpet Cleaning we will clean your carpet and upholstery right the very first time. If we don’t meet your expectations we will do it again until you are satisfied. We aim to please!



RX 20


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    • Carpet  Steam Cleaning    We feature the RX 20 and our powerful truck mount system. It provides  a  much deeper clean than was ever possible before . It will stay clean longer and dry faster.  Read more
    • Scotch Guard Protection  The Teflon protectant helps your carpet resist soiling by putting a protective coat of Teflon between the fabric and the dirt deposits. It is water soluble so when you clean it  releases the Teflon with the dirt and,hence, makes for easier cleaning later.  When carpet is brand new they have Teflon built in. Over time that gets released each time a carpet is cleaned. So after about 10 cleanings most of the Teflon is released and not there to protect your carpet any longer.  Read more 
    • Water Damage Restoration  Normally caused by broken interior lines, meaning fresh water supply lines to the toilet, washer machines, dish washer etc., can be a horrible experience.  I have seen it come out of the ceiling from rats chewing on lines or irregular wear to the pipes. We can turn a panicky situation back to normal in a couple days. In the worst case scenario about 5 days would be the maximum to dry entire structural soaking.  No water damage is too big or too small.  We have successfully repaired damage to commercial buildings or just a flooded bathroom. We can do it all! Read More
    • Upholstery Cleaning  We can clean all your needs; Recliners, sectional couches, car interiors etc. We don’t do drapes, sorry!  We precondition with the hydro force pre conditioner. It takes our 260 degree hot water off our truck mount into a sprayer. It mixes the solution in and does a meticulous job on fine fabrics. We have an extreme suction  apparatus that leaves things nearly dry. Read More
    • Dog, Cat and Pet Problems  We can detect these often unseen issues with a special light. With dark carpeting usually nothing can be seen only smelled. We use the same hot water and use our special odor and stain remover that can virtually eliminate the worst case scenario.  Countless clients have been amazed at what we have corrected that before was told was impossible to remove or “fix”. Read More 
    • Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning   Yes, we do it!  Commercial carpets are the dirtiest out there. With the newest technology out there we can now make a difference that before would not have been possible. Commercial carpets require special spotters and we have it. It is a tough job and takes tough technology but is entirely doable. We pride ourselves in defeating this most challenging kind of job. Read More
    • Real Estate and Rental Cleaning  We can take care of your rental properties at a reduced rate to give you bulk pricing for your multiple properties. Ask us about this. We aim to please. Read More 
    • Residential and Commercial Moving Cleaning   What a huge job to undertake for yourself. If you have any concerns about security deposits  and getting them back make sure you do it right and live the place cleaner than when you got there. Read More
    • Area Rug Cleaning   No job is too small. There is a slight extra charge.  Just remember to show them to us because it is a shame to clean the big carpet and then forget the dirty little ones. If you have several we can negotiate a better price. Just ask. Again we aim to please. We do not do oriental rugs. Read More
    • Boats and RV Cleaning Detail  We do a lot of RV cleaning, not as many boats, but that is because most boat owners would not realize they can get help with that. So now you know. RV’s are extremely high trafficked areas and maintenance of cleaning of the interior carpets can make them last longer. Ask us about special rates.  Read More

Periodic Maintenance Cleaning Offer lower rates. Call to inquire about this.

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