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Area Rug Cleaning

Rugs require due attention. The soil, dirt, grime and stains must be removed with the help of a detergent. Our team ensures that even the most stubborn sediments of dust that are caught in the fibers of the rug are removed. Area rugs make your house look very beautiful and beyond that, they also serve several other purposes. They are considered as an important investment and that is the reason why it is very important to maintain them in a proper way so that you can ensure that they last longer. Some people buy them for an expensive price and this is the reason why they tend to be very careful about the maintenance of such rugs. They require a thorough professional cleaning because regular hand cleaning is not enough to get rid of the dirt on their surfaces. If you own such rugs, it is better to get them cleaned occasionally. You need to remember the fact that the whole process of cleaning an area rug is entirely different from the treatment that is given to regular carpets. So, you must definitely approach this particular matter with lots of care. If you have invested money on the rug, it is very important to save your investment by getting it cleaned regularly.


Our cleaners employ certain methods to clean these rugs.  Even when it comes to the cleaning products, we use safer ones in order to ensure that the fabric is not really destroyed in the process of cleaning. Unprofessional methods can definitely damage the fabric of the rug and this is the reason why it is better to prefer professional cleaners. The material of the rug has to be considered in order to decide the type of cleaning method that must be employed.


If you have pets, you must be more careful because they get a lot of debris as well as pollen inside your house. If you are sensitive to allergies, you must keep your home clean and dust free. Pets play in the grass around your house and when they come back and sit on your carpets or area rugs, the dust gets deposited on them. You might be cleaning your rugs occasionally but vacuum cleaning is not sufficient to get rid of the dust and debris from the fabric of the rugs. The particles of dust get trapped inside the fabric. Professional cleaning process is a must. If you neglect the aspect of cleaning the area rug, there are high chances of allergies because the rug traps all the dust present in your house. Every time someone steps on it, it tends to release the dust back into the air. The particles in the air are invisible to the eye but they cause allergic reactions. Are you aware of the fact that most of our illnesses are caused by the micro organisms that are present in the air around us? If the air must be clean, all the surfaces in your house must be clean. When all the surfaces must be clean, you must first ensure that carpets and rugs are clean as they trap more dust in them.


Living in a clean environment is definitely a pleasure and a comfort. Irrespective of what you have or what you don’t have in your house, if it is completely clean, you’ll definitely feel happy living in it. It is good to get your area rugs cleaned once in six months. This will help you to get rid of the dust and they tend to look beautiful.


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