A to Z carpet and upholstery Steam Cleaning
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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Your carpets and mattresses are nothing but colonies of dust mites. If you postpone carpet cleaning, you will have to literally live with millions of micro-organisms. You can’t see them with your naked eye but you can get ill when they live with you for too long. Eczema, asthma and bronchitis are just some examples of the health issues that are a result of infestation of dust mites.


Do you know this? About 40% of the weight of an old carpet or a mattress is nothing but the excreta of dust mites!


Why clean your carpet?

Simply, because purchasing new carpets every now and then would cost you literally thousands of dollars! Just like your clothes or your car, your carpet also needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Anything that is well maintained tends to last longer. This is the place where carpet cleaning comes into the picture.Carpet Cleaning Before and After


You walk on your carpet. The dust and dirt remain on it. You spill liquids on it. The stains remain on it. Your carpet suffers a lot of beating due to regular use. Then it becomes the sweet home for dust mites and other micro organisms. They can cause asthma. If you have pets, the problems get worse. The urine odor remains in the air as the carpet absorbs it. Not a healthy atmosphere to allow your family to live in. If you are talking of your office, then your employees cannot work comfortably if the carpets stink and dust mites tickle their bodies.


What to do?

Simple vacuum cleaning is not going to solve the problem. Steam cleaning is required.


How is a carpet cleaned?

The cleaning method is called hot water-extraction.


Why use professional cleaning services?

The warranty of your expensive carpet goes void if you do not get it cleaned by certified professionals.


What are the other benefits?

You can increase the life of your carpet and enhance the beauty of it. If you maintain it well, your carpet can last for more than a decade. Apart from that, you can reduce the amount of allergens in the premises. A carpet is an investment and it must be maintained well for both health and financial reasons.


How often do you need to clean your carpet?

Once a year would be fine; if the traffic is more and if you have pets too, it is good to get your carpet cleaned twice a year. In order to ensure a healthy environment, it is important to pay attention to the cleaning process.


In order to maintain good health, you need to ensure that you live in dust free surroundings. Cleanliness is a very important aspect of a good lifestyle. Just like the way you try to keep your hair, skin and body germ-free, it is also important to ensure that your surroundings are clean. This way, you can ensure that your family members stay away from various kinds of infections and allergies. Especially, if you have growing kids at home, you must be very careful about maintaining clean surroundings. Apart from all these things, it is very important to realize the fact that your mental health also depends upon clean surroundings. If everything around you is clean, your emotional state tends to be stable and your body tends to be healthy. If everything around you is stinking, you feel frustrated for no reason. Living in beautiful surroundings is surely a luxury but living in clean surroundings is definitely a necessity for every human being. So, ensure that you give us the responsibility of helping you live in clean and dust-free surroundings.


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