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Water Damage Restoration

Water Restoration and Repair by A to Z carpet Cleaning in Redding caWater can damage your property. Incidents like rains, floods or burst pipes can cause issues related to water damage. Your furniture and other items both at home or office require quick restoration to avoid heavy losses. Your house is the biggest investment that you have ever made in your life. So, if it gets damaged due to water, it will definitely be a cause of worry for you. If water gets accumulated inside the house, it can really cause quite a lot Water Damage Restorationof concerns because of the amount of damage it can create to your property. If you have expensive furniture or any other valuables in your house, then water damage could be a nightmare. If you have wooden furniture, then it gets damaged soon if it gets soaked in water. Apart from all these things, if the water is contaminated, then even human beings get affected. When it comes to removing all the water from your house, it is not a simple task. The process is a quite a lengthy one and it can’t be done all by yourself. Apart from that, the house must be dried and sanitized in order to ensure that it becomes safe for people to live in it once again. In such cases, you definitely require the assistance of professionals to carry out everything in a proper way.


The process may involve some of the following steps:

  • Initial assessment and inspection
  • Removal of water
  • Application of anti-microbial solution
  • Mold removal

Clean up Water Damage like Mold

In such cases, if prompt action is not taken, the following problems might occur:

  •  Unpleasant and unhealthy odor
  • Mold/bacterial growth
  • Further damage to property
  • Allergies and illnesses to humans

Types and Sources of Water Loss

Water Damage Repair

Water losses can be classified into 3 main categories. The drying technique depends upon the category of water damage.


1. Clean water:

If the water damage is due to clean water that comes from a particular source, then it falls into category one. This category of water damage is not a threat to human beings.


The source of the water might be broken pipes, sink over-flows, rain water, broken tanks or any other source of water with no contaminants.


If no action is taken within 3 days, this category of water damage might turn into category 2.



2. Gray water

In this category, the water is contaminated. If humans are exposed to this water, sickness can occur.


Contaminated water contains micro organisms or chemicals. The sources of this category are water from washing machines, dishwashers or toilets. You must throw away the carpet pad and clean the carpet.


If no action is taken on time, this category of water damage might turn into category 3.


3. Black water

This category water is unsanitary as it contains pathogenic agents.


The source of this water is sewage water, toilets, sea water or river water. The contaminated water from these sources contains organic matter. The carpet must be disposed off.


Abnormal situations

When materials like lead, mercury, asbestos, fuels, pesticides, solvents, radioactive materials or caustic chemicals are involved certain government rules apply.


If you ignore taking timely action, then your property and health might be at risk. If you face a situation of water damage, it is good to call our restoration team to tackle the issue on time. Don’t think twice to call our representative in such situations.


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