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 Carpet Cleaning Redding Ca A to ZMy name is Anthony Zoll and I started my business back in 1990. My story began when I was 29 years old and with the help of my parents. In the beginning my younger brother Daniel and I worked together. We did that for a while but he grew out of it and I grew deeper into it. Now it’s just  my business. I started with a portable steam cleaning unit in the back of a tiny old pickup truck. That’s how the journey began.  To date I have upgraded things to my truck mount system with all the bells and whistles that describe the best system out there today for carpet cleaning systems on the market.  Today’s A to Z Carpet Cleaning Company, here in Redding CA,  sports the ultimate cleaning system

We are a smaller family based business preferring to keep the work within the family.

I met my wife Nita when I was nearly 25 years old before the start. Eventually I married Nita and shortly after we had our first kid Steven who is now 15 years old and and plays a mean game of basketball. We call him “Son”. He is the treasured child we always dreamed of.

We do the job as if you are family, so we only give you the best treatment. Besides, Redding is too small to disappoint a customer. Talk moves fast. This is why you won’t find anything negative about me around town or on the internet. I pride in treating my customer with excellence and integrity. Our mission is to help families try to maintain people’s quality of healthy living through a clean environment.

NOT LIKE THIS! Watch this News Story and be Prepared.

What I love about this job is the results that I see and how that makes a difference in their day.  I take something that starts out ugly and end up making it beautiful despite customers initial fears that things are beyond repair. I love making this difference for people. The challenge motivates me and their happy faces make the difference in my day. It is a win win situation for all involved, me the provider and then you the consumer.

We hope you are reading this page out of curiosity of what this company represents. Please give us a call. Give us a chance to show you the best result for your time and money. We promise  you we will do the job right. And, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please say so gracefully and we will aim to get it done right. An unhappy customer is not allowed!

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