A to Z carpet and upholstery Steam Cleaning
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25 Years of Carpet Cleaning in Redding

Carpet Cleaning Redding CA


1100 square foot house                         $195

1300 square foot house                         $225

1500 square foot house                         $245

1700 square foot house                         $275

2000 square foot house                        $295

Living Room & Hall up to 250 sq. ft.               $85

Based on total Square Footage of Home        Carpeted Kitchens, Bathrooms and Stairs EXTRA

At A to Z Carpet Cleaning we will clean your carpet and upholstery right the very first time. If we don’t meet your expectations we will do it again until you are satisfied. We aim to please!

    • 1)  We offer you state of the art equipment. Our powerful truck mounted system provides us with 260° hot water and extreme suction. This means you get a very deep cleaning with a very quick dry time. Carpets dry as fast as 2 to 4 hours in optimal conditions. Not only will your carpet dry faster but it will stay clean longer.

At A to Z Carpet Cleaning we want to show you the difference we can make on your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

    • 2)  We precondition all the carpets and upholstery to be cleaned with the Hydro Force Pre-Sprayer. It delivers the truck-mounted hot water in a pre-sprayer. It mixes pre-spray and hot water for the perfect, most effective pre-spray. The Hydro Force Pre-Sprayer makes preconditioning easy and very effective.
    • 3)  We clean all the main areas with the RX 20 Rotary Jet Extractor. The RX injects steam into the carpet. It scrubs and extracts dirt and excess moisture all at the same time without hurting your carpet and leaving your carpets clean and refreshed.
    • 4)  First of all we use the scrub wand and do all the corners and edges. The wand cleans exactly right up to the edge of the wall and gets into the corners extremely well.
    • 5)  Another thing we do is vacuum the edges with extreme high pressure. This will pick up microscopic debris that may have been missed with normal techniques.
    • 6)  Lastly we put protection under anything that requires it.  We can also offer you Scotch Guard protection. We put it on with the Hydra Force Applicator. It works great adding phenomenal protection for longer term wear and tear at only a nominal extra charge. 

What you can do before we arrive for the most successful Carpet Cleaning Event in your home.

    • 1) We work around the big things like beds dressers entertainment etc.  Meaning we don’t move these big items. Please inquire with us before hand if you need help moving as sometimes it might be necessary to bring along extra help if you want to move something very heavy. Otherwise, decide for yourself what you want moved that is extra heavy or what you want us to work around.


We will shuffle your couches and recliners in the main living areas and go behind them and put them back in place. We will put any protection under them that they may require.

    • 2) If your carpet has excessive debris on it we suggest you pre-vacuum before our arrival.
    • 3) the better job you do in preparing the area to be cleaned the more thorough the end result will be.
    • 4) if you have any pet problems or special stains please bring these to our technician’s attention. We can offer special treatment for these special stains example: red dye stain (wine), urine stains and rust stains etc.
    • 5)  please allow room for our technicians to back into your drive way. We like/need as good access as possible so we can bring our equipment into your home safely and effectively.
    • 6) we don’t mind if you want to watch us clean your carpet or upholstery from a safe distance we like to share our abilities with anyone who wants to watch.
    • 7) we want to effectively clean your carpets and upholstery as thoroughly as possible. Any of your preparation is appreciated as well as your business. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

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